Customer service is top-notch! The best! Friendly, courteous and responsible. Caring and concerned about our 4-legged companions.

Susan S. Martin, Adoption Coordinator,
First State Greyhound Rescue, Inc.

Real Rescue Stories.
And The Proof SparkyTags Works.

I am the one who needs to say thank you to you. My dog Skauts was not responding to his pager; he was missing for approximately 20 minutes. Then, you wonderful people called immediately to inform me where he was. I am extremely satisfied with your service and will continue renewing his tag with your company. I will also send recommendations to all my dog-loving friends.
Diana Carbert & Skauts

We will be renewing our subscription with you when the time comes. You are doing a wonderful thing for those of us with pets that we really love.
Don, Rangeley Plantation, Maine

Customer service is top-notch! The best! Friendly, courteous and responsible. Caring and concerned about our 4-legged companions.
Susan S. Martin, Adoption Coordinator,
First State Greyhound Rescue, Inc.

We have had several of our rescue fur-kids returned, thanks to the tags that they were wearing on their collars. Microchips are wonderful, but not everyone has a scanner. With this service, all you do is read the tag, pick up the phone and dial the Toll-Free number, and the adopter and our rescue is contacted within minutes, 24 hours a day. We could not ask for better than that.
Nancy, White German Shepherd Rescue

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue has used these ID tags with great success. Since the tags are associated with a 24-hour recovery service, our dogs have been back with their adopters within a very short period of being found. Every dog has an assigned number on their tag which makes them identifiable within SparkyTags private database. In most cases, after receiving a call from SparkyTags — and because we have a phone number for a volunteer listed in our information with SparkyTags — the dogs who had escaped their adopters clutches were home within 15 minutes of the call from SparkyTags to us. We have had some thrilled adopters whose dogs had gotten away, who thanked us profusely for getting their English Setter back to their loving arms so very quickly. I highly recommend these tags for anyone, and for rescues that are struggling with funds. Often the cost of microchips is not within what a rescue can afford. These tags are a wonderful alternative. I would be happy to answer any questions for anyone or any group considering using these tags.
Michael Myers, President,
Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Actual recovery log entry:
On 10-19-08 at 3:53 p.m., Leslie @ (123) 456-7890 called Hercules in as a stray. At 3:56, SparkTags called Heidi (owner) at home; there was no answer. At 3:58 p.m., SparkyTags called Heidi on her cell and gave her the finder's information. Follow up call with Heidi; Hercules is safe and sound.
Hi Pam, Thanks so much. We were at an event today when we found out, as Leslie called AVID after she called you, and we spoke to her, and then called Heidi, who had already rounded up Hercules by that time. I can't tell you how impressed our volunteers were that Hercules was already back with his mom. Your outstanding service has made true believers of our volunteers, and we are proud to be part of the SparkyTags family!
Terri, Arizona Pug Rescue

To Terri at APARN: I just got an e-mail saying that Toby's SparkyTags were going to expire, and I needed to upgrade (or something) — basically pay $49 to extend the service. Just wondering why we use this company, because as far as I know Avid and Home Again chips do not require renewal fees. I work at a vet clinic that mostly uses Res-Q and Avid chips, so I am not very familiar with SparkyTags.
Thanks! Rebecca Frese

Reply from Terri at APARN: Hi Rebecca, that is a great question. APARN uses both AVID microchips and the SparkyTags recovery tags because the recovery tags can be updated to include the foster home's direct contact information. They are also better about staying on the phone with people until contact is made to get the dog home. We have had at least 6 pugs returned home within 10 minutes of getting out due to the SparkyTags. Microchips are an awesome back up for when collars come off, and to prove ownership if it comes into question. Renewal is your choice, of course, but APARN definitely swears by these tags for our foster pugs!
Terri, Arizona Pug Rescue

The majority of all the dogs we've recovered through the years do have an active microchip — but our quick recovery service is the one that has brought them home, time and time again. Still, we highly recommend microchips as a back up to our services.

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